how and why the on track program works

female leaders conscious of their own values, knowing their worth and radiating that with confidence have more choice and make better decisions for their families, their professional development as well as their companies

a one-year format built on four pillars

  • peer group support
  • role model advisory
  • coaching skills, scientific insights and knowledge
  • networking

empowering female leadership talent

  • by focusing on this decisive phase in life
  • by creating a safe and intimate space
  • by training skills to get the core
  • by inspiration and sharing

making gender balanced leadership work

  • by attracting and retaining top female talent
  • by making norms and unconscious bias transparent
  • by facilitating the conversation between leadership and top female talent
  • by creating a balanced culture

a social impact company

  • our mission is to contribute to an equitable world by achieving gender-balanced leadership
  • our ambition is to include female leaders of diverse experience such as corporate, entrepreneurial, arts, science and government