female talents maintaining professional momentum

FACTS – the reality women face

first childbirth is the moment when inequality starts. First childbirth leads to a long-run income gap for women compared to men of between 20 and 60% in Europe and the US, (Henrik Kleven et.al., 2019). In the Netherlands over one third of women are not financially independent.

combining careers with children remains largely unsolved and often results in women working part-time, leaving the workforce altogether, accepting roles with less responsibility or carrying the brunt alone. “44% of couples say they want to share work and care equally, 16% actually do” (emancipatie monitor 2020, Netherlands).



the lifelong income gap between men and women is driven by societal norms. Young women feel pressured by social norms and ideas about motherhood and therefor often chose to work less or stop their careers after childbirth. Young men feel pressured by social norms to continue work the same after childbirth.

societal norms permeate into corporate cultures creating unconscious bias. The majority of mothers find it difficult to thrive in corporate cultures that have largely been created by people with limited involvement in childcare.